About Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum

Deservedly the country’s most popular attraction, the National Museum is an outstanding introduction to Bahrain’s history. The highlights of the collection, which is housed in a postmodern building with landscaping that brings the waterfront location up to the windows, are the archaeological finds from ancient Dilmun, the reproduction souq covering Traditional Trades and Crafts on the 1st floor (the barber could double for Sweeney Todd), and the vast satellite photo of Bahrain that takes up much of the ground floor.

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Diving in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf. Diving has a long and rich history in Bahrain, and pearl diving in the area dates back 5000 years.

Bahrain offers a variety of exciting wreck and reef dives.

  • Fifi wreck is located 5 miles off the east coast of Bahrain. This location is especially popular for night dives.
  • Caisson wreck is located 20 miles off the coast of Bahrain. The concrete and steel structure provides an excellent opportunity to witness the abundant marine life of Bahrain.
  • Fasht najwah is located at 50 nautical miles north of Bahrain. Najwah is an excellent dive location . A large shallow reef situated approximately 5 miles off the east coast of Bahrain providing ideal snorkelling, scuba training and novice diver sites. Easily the most sheltered local dive site.
  • Abu Thalma: 45 miles northeast of Bahrain, this coral coated reef offers excellent diving, including rocky outcrops and interesting reef formations.

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Bahrain Fort

Overlooking the northern coast a 10-minute drive from central Manama, and standing guard on an ancient tell (mound created by centuries of urban rebuilding), Unesco World Heritage–listed Bahrain Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century as part of a string of defences along the Gulf. The moated fort is particularly attractive at night, when the history of the site seems to rise out of the excavations and linger between the floodlights.

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Manama Souq

Manama Souq, in the warren of streets behind Bab Al Bahrain, is the place to go for electronic goods, bargain T-shirts, nuts, spices, sheesha bottles and a plethora of other Bahraini essentials. Highlights include the Gold Souq, Kingdom of Perfumes, the Spice Souq and World of Herbs.

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Al Areen Wildlife Park

Extinction is not a thing of the past. Habitat loss, competition for food, pollution and mammal predation are all still playing a big role in the animal kingdom all around the world. The Kingdom of Bahrain was perhaps the first Arab country to realize the rapid decline of many native wild animal populations in the region and the urgent need to implement safety measures that could ensure their survival. The establishment of AlAreen Wildlife Park and Reserve was as a response by the Kingdom of Bahrain to the conservation of wildlife in the Middle East. It was hoped that the establishment of such a reserve, would promote similar projects in other countries in the region.

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Adhari Park

Adhari Park is a brand new visitor attraction in Bahrain adjacent to the existing Adhari National Park. Spread across 165,000 square meters, it provides a complete leisure experience for the whole family, aiming to become the number one family attraction in the GCC, with 38 exciting outdoor and indoor rides for people of all ages, a Family Entertainment Centre, 10 food outlets at the Food Court, Dine in restaurant,Coffee Shops and a lot more.Read More